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Firstly and most importantly, there is a huge difference between the words homeless in Fish Hoek and what we call the ‘Riff Raff’,
and both come in many different colours and cultures.
If you work or live along the streets of Fish Hoek, you will understand what I’m talking about,
If you frequent the area few times, this may be an eye opener.
Our day starts at 6:30 – 7am and 5 out of a 6day week we start by having to sweep up outside our shop, after the “Riff Raff”. You name it, it’s there, broken bottles with the tops still on (used tosmoke drugs) beer bottles, coke bottles, condoms, woman’s underwear, vomit and human faeces, to name a few. Along with bin bags that are ripped open to be dug through and just left to be blown into the drains. Then they block them up and then everyone complains that they are overflowing.
On occasion we work late, and they can be seen sitting outside our windows smoking that rubbish which comes billowing into the shop through the window. It’s all fun and games until you ask them
to leave, then you see the true colours come out. They threaten to kill you, they say they will come back and stab you when you don’t see them coming, and that they will burn the shop down. (This
has happened to me personally about 5 times). And now we have 3 stabbing incidents in Fish Hoek in the last 3 weeks or so.
The worst of it is we see the elderly harassed daily, they literally have to run away from the constant harassment for money / handouts. If they do not give something they are spat on or screamed at
with all the foul words you can imagine. If they buy some food/coffee the “Riff Raff” take it walk a few steps and throw it in the bin. I have seen this “Riff Raff” walk right past a homeless person and
dump the food and coffee in the bin and laugh in his face. (We need to channel our support / money through legitimate people / organisations rather than encourage the Riff Raff to tarnish the names of the people who genuinely need the helping hand.
As a business owner in Fish Hoek, our comments are not to name and shame anyone, or pass the blame. But rather to point out where we can all implement various things to assist in the upkeep and cleaning up, as well as the safety side. (We have seen a huge change in Fish Hoek over the past 2 years, and unfortunately, not for the better. )
We see it day in and day out, the “riff raff” causing havoc in the area, and people walk past and do nothing, somewhere along the way we have all lost our moral compass. We jump onto Facebook and
complain about it, and it falls on deaf ears, and we then wonder why nothing gets done.
How many of us complain that the Police and Law enforcement are understaffed and have no transport? But how many off us actually go and lodge a complaint, many of us think that it does nothing. But the reality is, we won’t get more assistance if all the papers show Fish Hoek is squeaky clean (because no one has logged anything).
(As I write this the whatapp group (FHK Group) is going off about one of the drug using shouting Riff
Raff running around 1 st avenue harassing people).
“Thinking that someone else will do it” is not working, “Be that person”.

Crystal Soul Healing
Nicolette 076 377 2560


FB @crystalsoulhealings
Nicolette’s Crystal Soul Reiki
FB group @Crystal Soul Sanctuary

Crystal Auric healing 45min R450


Crystals are laid out in intuitive grid designs on your body to assist in aligning your chakras and aura. This can be very powerful and incredibly healing as the energy is magnified greatly.


I scan your auric body and clear any thought forms or negative attachments as well as cutting unwanted cords. This will result in feeling lighter and more connected.


I use Reiki energy to replenish your energy. I balance your chakras and make sure that they are all open, healthy and in alignment which in turn creates good health in the endocrine system.


If we are blessed, I may be able to sense, hear or see your spirit guide, higher self, totem animal or Angels and be able to relay messages.


I also offer Usui Reiki levels 1-3 courses as well as crystal auric healing workshops.

Crystal Soul Reading – Lithomancy (throwing crystals) R350
Oracle/Tarot R350

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I have been working with a number of concerned residents on a proposal to address the situation of Street People / Homeless in Fish Hoek.


This first came to my attention in February this year.  It has taken a lot longer to get things moving than anticipated due to various factors.  It is important to me that we consult widely to ensure all opinions are considered and that we have a strong foundation for any intervention so that it doesn’t fall away after an initial drive.

The crux of the proposal is as follows (draft copy available on request):


A Fish Hoek Community Driven organisation is established to monitor and address the homeless situation in Fish Hoek.  This would be run by representatives of


Religious organisations ; Community ; Government : Business


It would include interalia :


·         providing a day time “safe space” or activity centre for Homeless thus keeping them off the street and addressing any food or medical concerns.  A social worker, and a few other key individuals would be employed.


·         Keeping a database on street people as contact is made to monitor those who are disrupting harmony in Fish Hoek through drug / alcohol abuse and those genuinely needing assistance.  This would enable the organisation to better assist individuals with pensions (state, armed forces, disability), identity documents, referral to shelters or support, access to medical treatment if required.


·         Work in a network with other organisations in the Valley including drug rehabilitation centres, shelters, training and development, employment opportunities and organisations providing meals and other support.  This is not intended to replace existing interventions but to work with them.


·         Market extensively to the community and business the importance of responsible giving.


It is hoped that with these interventions, those individuals genuinely in need will receive the support they require and may possibly be rehabilitated and re-integrated into society and those causing chaos on the streets through intimidation and violence will find they no longer get funding for their habits on the streets of Fish Hoek and will move on.


These interventions will not result in the elimination of homelessness – there are those who choose to live on the streets and do so harmoniously with the rest of the community – however it will go a long way towards regulating and managing the situation.


Consultation has taken place with a number of Churches, some residents, Fish Hoek Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association, Business Improvement District, other NGO’s, Shelters and Rehabilitation Centres, Government, Police and Community Policing Forum.


There have been a number of meetings and discussions to date.  People have been working busily behind the scenes.  There seems to be positive support from business based on a couple of legitimate provisos.  Once we have everything ready, we would like to market more extensively and garner opinion from the rest of Fish Hoek Community.  We anticipate doing this through a media release offering residents the opportunity to comment on the proposal.


If anyone would like more information, to please contact me.


Kind regards


Carolyn Axmann

A multi-use business development space for entrepreneurs has opened in Fish Hoek Main Road.
Local NPO, Angels’ Resource and Training Centres, opened its first Cape Town-based eZone business development space and micro-incubator in Fish Hoek at an event on Friday, 19 July.
The official opening was attended by local Ward Councillor, Aimee Kuhl and sub-Council Manager, Patricia Francke, along with many local businesspeople, partners, and sponsors.
eZone is a micro-incubator, dedicated to developing and mentoring start-up entrepreneurs through SETA-Accredited training programmes. Setting Angels apart from many similar programmes is their ongoing
mentoring support for entrepreneurs, averaging 24 months but, as former incubate, Sandra Hendricks,told the gathering, mentoring has lasted many years and she feels comfortable calling on CEO Lizelle
Coombs for advice when she needs it.
The Fish Hoek space, as with similar eZones in De Aar and Upington, provides a variety of low cost business services, including business registration, tax assistance, printing and copying, hot desks and
training rooms.
Fish Hoek eZone is also the site of the Fish Hoek Tourism Info desk and will host locally produced items sold on consignment. Currently, postcards are available of sand artist Michael Myekwa’s sculptures and
leather goods made from offcuts by Greg Chiwola.
There is also a Coffee Zone, where an entrepreneur will be providing liquid support to those using the hot desk sites. Any business interested in being a named sponsor of the Coffee Zone should contact Angels.
eZone is also collecting completed ecobricks for local builds and bottle tops for Operation Smile.
For more information, please contact Charlotte Thornton on 0861 111 950 or email