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Cost per workshop: R350

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Book and pay a week in advance (by 24 August) and enrol TWO PEOPLE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.
This means you can bring your Partner, Best Friend, Teen Child (15+) or anyone else close to you for FREE. You get two places for the price of one so that you can experience and implement this life-changing programme together.

To start the course simply attend the first session. You do not need to commit to the full course Ina advance.

Filmic Life is developed by Bryony Roughton – Filmmaker, Educator & Media Development Specialist.

For more information and/or to book your place, contact:
Email: filmiclifecoach@gmail.com / Whatsapp: (+27) 84 6279669 / Website: www.filmic.life


Filmic Life explores aspects of Film Craft & Process and how these can be applied to Life. Through a series of six masterclasses (six weeks apart) you can develop your Filmic Life over 9 months. Starting at the end of August.

The complete Filmic Life Course Outline:
CRAFT YOUR STORY & LEAD YOUR LIFE (31 Aug) – this links to Screenwriting & Story Craft and the Film Inspiration Process
STORYBOARD YOUR LIFE & LIVE BY DESIGN (12 Oct) – this links to Directing & Design Craft and the Film Development Process.
AWAKEN YOUR CINEMATIC SENSES & CAPTURE THE MOMENT (23 Nov) – this links to Technical Craft (Cinematography & Sound) and the Film Pre-Prod & Production Process. • EMPOWER YOUR PRESENCE FOR THE ROLES YOU PLAY (4 Jan) – this links to Performance Craft and the Film Pre-Prod & Production Process.
• MASTER YOUR TRANSITIONS AND TURN LIFE CHANGE INTO ART (15 Feb) – this links to Editing, Directing & Design Craft in the Film Post Production Process.
WATCH LIFE & LEARN THROUGH REFLECTIONS ON THE SCREEN (28 Mar) – this links to Producing & Film Critique and the Exhibition & Awards Process.





King Kinesiology Power Reconnection

Courses and Interests on the Southern Peninsula

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DRIVE 4 WOMEN launched in April 2019 wanting to offer a transport service to anyone who does not feel comfortable using public transport or other providers (we are not allowed to name).
The media is full of stories of riders being attacked, robbed and raped. We find this absolutely shocking that women are once again in a position where they are vulnerable just trying to get from A-Z.
We are a husband & wife team as well as parents so we understand how important it is for anyone, but specially women and children to feel safe when they are driving in a car with a stranger.   We are asking people to trust us and this is a huge ask.  We are asking parents to trust their children with us and when we are tasked with driving their children, we are grateful for that trust put into us.
I’m sure there are a lot of children of teenagers who really don’t feel like going out late at night to pick up their kids and that’s where we step in.  We’re happy to pick up the kids from their friends or a party and ensure they arrive home safely.
We would like to go the extra mile for the elderly – perhaps they need assistance with their shopping – we’ll happily push the trolley for our client & carry their parcels too.
What about someone who is recovering from an operation needing a check up, we are happy to assist a client to get to and from the Doctor.
We want to make a difference in people’s lives, knowing they can trust us to ensure their safety when they drive with us.
Although named Drive 4 Women we do not sideline men from using our services and having both my husband, Trevor and I driving we are able to provide service to everyone in our community.
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